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Subject: MUFON 1989 Sightings File
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Date: 8 Jan 93 23:56:11 GMT
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I wish to publicly thank the man..>Don Allen.....please contact
me....who had taken the time and effort to feed me with so much
information..Thank You Don!


 January 1989 UFO Reports

1/XX N WEST BEND, WI     Midnite    CE1       Multiple witness
 Boomerang, hovered near railroad tracks.  No sound.  15 min.

1/03 CORONA, CA.     6:15 PM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Four diamond shaped objects, silver in color, size of small car.
 Stopped for appox. 5 minutes, 300 feet over witnesses. No sound.

1/04 THREE RIVERS, MI.   8:30 PM    NL       Single witness
 Three "Tylenol-caplet" shaped objects flying at high speed.  No sound.

1/09 INDIANA CO., PA.    9:00 PM    NL       Single witness
 Large craft with red & white lights hovered in sky.  No sound.

1/09 KEY LARGO, FL.     XXXX    NL       Multiple witness
 Luminous cloud of smoke, performed gyrations. Possible Trident missile.

1/10 HAKENSACK, N.J.     8:00 AM    CE1       Single witness
 Object hovered 80 feet in the air.  No sound.

1/10 APPLETON, WI.     Night    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Three large bright white lights moving in a straight line, observed
 by pilot and co-pilot of small plane flying at 7000 feet. Lights
 turned off and on in sequence.

1/12 BELLEVILLE, IL.     10:00 PM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Circular object, 100 feet overhead, moving across roadway over car.
1/13 SUN PRARIE, WI.     8:25 PM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Triangular shaped object with six bright lights in front, 1 1/2
 football fields wide, 1000 feet altitude.  Over roadway 30 to 45
 seconds.  No sound heard.
1/17 FENNIMORE, WI.     7:00 PM    NL       Multiple witness.
 Twelve to fifteen lights.  Several reports to Sheriff Dept.  No sound.
1/17 GREENS FORK, IN.    6:30 PM    NL       Single witness.
 Bright reddish light, thought to be helicopter at first. No sound. 7 Mn
1/17 FORT WAYNE, IN.     1:03 AM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Triangular shaped object 30 to 40 yards from car, treetop level.
 Large as a small airliner, making "swishing" sound. At 1:30 AM
 witness returned to area with second witness, saw two oblong craft
 in area.
1/19 GREENS FORK, IN.    6:30 PM    NL       Single witness.
 Red light.  No sound.  7 Minutes.
1/21 CORYDON, IN.     11:00 PM    CE2       Five witnesses.
 Object with lights.  Photographed.   3 Minutes.
1/22 GREENS FORK, IN.    8:30 PM    CE1       Two witnesses.
 Poorly lit object passed within 300 feet of witness. No sound. 7 Min.
1/22 TEXARKANA, TX.     4:43 PM    CE1       Single witness.
 Large, silver, cylindrical-shaped craft passed 300 feet below Cessna
 flying at 6500 feet.
1/23 GAINESVILLE, FL.    5:00 AM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Disc-shaped object, stationary overhead, 10 feet diameter, 90 feet
 off of ground. Duration: 5 minutes.   No sound.
1/25 BEVERLY, NJ.     9:10 PM    CE2       Multiple witness.
 Triangular shaped object, 100 feet in diameter, altitude 200 feet.
 Witnesses said house shook and they heard loud rumbling sound.
1/27 ATLANTA, GA.     9:25 AM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Pilot and co-pilot - both with 30 years flying experience and holding
 Captain's rank - saw torpedo shaped object, 10 feet long and two feet
 in diameter pass appoximately 800 feet under their aircraft.
1/29 REDDING, CA.     9:35 PM    CE1       Single witness.
 Six triangular shaped objects moving in formation from south to north.
 Low altitude, moved from horizon to horizon in six seconds.
1/30 BATTLE MTN., NV.    5:00 PM    CE1       Three witnesses.
 Witnesses saw oval object with red lights.  No sound. 15 Minutes.
1/30 MONTAUK POINT, NY.  4:25 AM    CE2       Multiple witness.
 Three man crew of fishing boat saw large object, approximately 150 ft.
 in diameter, with bright lights, approximately 100 feet over water.
 Radar went out on boat.  Crew turned off lights and engine.  Object
 turned on edge and displayed "diamond" shape, then passed over boat at
 about 300 yards.  Duration: 25 minutes.  No sound.
1/31 VERSAILLES, IL.      6:40 PM    NL       Two witnesses.
 Seven or eight blinking lights at low level.  So sound. 7 Minutes.
1/31 RUSHVILLE, IL.      6:45 PM    NL       Two witnesses.
 Orange ball observed on Rt. 67. Shot off several fireballs. 10 Min.
1/31 LEAVENWORTH, WA.     9:15 PM    NL       Single witness.
 Bright light hovered then moved.  No sound.  7 Minutes.
1/31 VALIANT, OK.      9:30 PM    NL       Multiple witness.
 Two diamond shaped objects trailed by 4-5 other bright objects. 1 HR.


      February 1989      UFO Reports

2/XX      BIGLER, PA.      11:00 PM       NL          Single witness
      Large white light observed by worked in early Feb.  No sound
2/XX  THREE RIVERS, MI.    9:15 PM        NL          Single witness
      Three "Tylenol-caplet" shaped objects. Same as 1/4/89. No sound.
2/02      OLYMPIA FIELDS, IL.  9:30 AM         CE1            Two witnesses
      Cigar-shaped object larger than a 747 decending.  No sound.  1 min.
2/03      RAVENNA, MI.           2:45 AM        CE2         Multiple witness.
      Big bright fireball type object approached to 50 yards of car at tree-
      top level.  Fireball went out leaving dark mass with red, green, &
      white lights. When car moved, object moved and vice versa.  Played for
      15 to 20 minutes, then moved away at high speed.  No sound.
2/04      LANESVILLE, IN.      3:00 AM        CE1         Two witnesses
      Object w/lights floating at 300 ft.  No sound.
2/07  NEW HAVEN, CT.       10:00 PM       CE1         Single witness.
      Small, spherical-shaped object, with red and blue pulsating lights,
      stationary over neighbors backyard. 60 feet from witness, rooftop
      level.      Duration: 15 seconds.
2/08  GULF BREEZE, FL.     3:40 AM        CE2         Single witness
      Dog awakened by small object over parking lot.  No sound.  12 min.
2/09  DU QUOIN, IL.       6:30 PM        CE1         Multiple witness.
      Object with red lights observed over field about 200 feet from house.
      Duration: 4 minutes.  No sound.
2/10  DEKALB CO., AL.      8:30 PM        NL          Multiple witness
      Banana shaped object observed by many including law.  No sound.  1 HR.
2/11  SAN ANTONIO, TX.     11:15 PM       CE2         Single witness
      Disc shaped object emitted beam which extinguished nearby street light.
      Humming sound.      Few minutes.
2/14      TEHACHAPI, CA.         7:55 PM        CE1         Multiple witness.
      Ten to twelve large circular objects with red, white and blue lights
      on top moving over nearby mountains.  Duration: 45 minutes.
2/15      GEORGIANA, AL.         Midnite        NL          Multiple witness
      Several police and citizen reports.  No sound.      1 HR.
2/17  FYFE, AL.        Midnite        NL          Three witnesses
      Lights seen by police chief and other law officers.  No other info.
2/20      RUSSELL, KS.           6:20 PM        CE1         Single witness
      "Mothership" landed two miles from city limits.  No sound.
2/21      PHILADELPHIA, PA.    2:00 AM        CE1         Single witness
      Craft reported about 50 ft. above home.  No sound.
2/21      RUSSELL, KS.           9:40 PM        NL          Two witnesses
      Description sounds like stars.
2/21      WILSON, PA.      10:00 PM       NL          Two witnesses
      Object w/ 6-8 lites on side, sounding like expanding aluminum. 3 min.
2/21  POWAY, CA.        9:50 PM        NL          Single witness
      While watching aircraft activity witness saw a "small bright object"
      enter atmosphere in a vertical path at a high rate of speed.  Increased
      in size to a "huge, brilliant, blue-green swath".  When 1000 feet from
      ground object did 90 degree turn and moved out of sight. 20 seconds.
2/22      RUSSELL, KS.           9:00 PM        NL          Five witnesses
      14 UFOs seen by 5 people (description sounds like stars).  No sound.
2/23  NEW PORT, NH.        Night    CE1            Two witnesses
      "Very large, bright white light approached car.  Stopped, turned off
      engine, got out.  Light form passed overhead at about 300 ft. Witnesses
      could clearly hear a high pitched humming saound.  1 minute.
2/24  FYFFE, AL.        7:30 PM        NL          Multiple witness
      Bright round object w/ white & green lites. 40 calls to police.
2/24      RUSSELL, KS.           XXXX     NL       Multiple witness
      Man & family saw cluster of lights come out of a gulley.  No sound.


      March 1989    UFO Reports

3/01  UNION CITY, OH.      8:03 PM        CE1         Two witnesses
      While driving home, two witnesses saw triangular shaped object
      stationary in the sky, about halfway between their car and their hse.
      Car was about quarter mile from house at time.  Witnesses stopped car
      and stared in disbelief.  Described as "gigantic" 5 to 6 xs larger
      than house, 95 ft. long. Object passed overhaed at about 40 ft.  Sur-
      face looked "very metallic".  Rumbling sound.  10 minutes.
3/02      BEDFORD, NY.           9:15 PM        CE1         Single witness
      Triangular shaped craft, twice as big as 747 with lights on the bot-
      tom. Remained in stationary position about 1000 ft. away at low al-
      titude for about 30 seconds before it moved away.
3/02  SHRUB OAK, NY.         9:35 PM        CE2         Single witness
      Gigantic (as big as two football fields) boomerang-shaped craft with
      a series of brilliant lights in front stops 50 feet over baseball
      field by witnesses house.  Witness shone flashlite at object and it
      turned away. No sound except dogs barking. Object circled about 50 ft.
      overhead and witness felt a strong cold airmass.  Trees were blowing.
      Witness thought that it had only been about 20 minutes but he arrived
      home at 10:30 PM.
3/17      BISHOP, CA.      5:30 PM        CE1         Two witnesses
      Silver, oblong object, shaped like fuselage, black canopy on top in
      front with what appeared to be black windows on the side, big as 747,
      moving fast and reflected sunlight.  Increased speed and left. 30 sec.
3/18      CUDAHY, WI.      8:45 PM        CE1         Single witness
      Gray cigar-shaped object almost overhead, surrounded by shimmering
      lite.  Craft about 1000 ft. in air.  Went into vertical climb and left
      in seconds.  Duration: 10 seconds.
3/27      KEYSVILLE, GA.         7:15 PM        CE1         Two witnesses
      Round yellowish-white light about 12 ft. in diameter, giving off a
      "buzzing" sound, moves towards witnesses just above the ground. Light
      suddenly stopped 50 ft. from their home.  Went into a vertical climb
      and was out of sight in seconds.
3/28  NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA. 1:29 PM    NL          Two witnesses
      Huge, shiny, gold sphere streak across northern sky, west to east.
      Visible against a blue sky. No trail.
3/29  CAPE CORAL, FL.      6:35 PM        NL          Single witness
      Triangular formation of bright white lights emerge from dark clouds.
      In sight, 25 to 30 seconds.  Appeared not to be attached to structure.


      April 1989    UFO Reports

4/04      PENSACOLA, FL.         EVEN     CE2            Single witness
      Wit. felt energy, saw ball of lite, car radio effected. No sd. 7 sec.
4/04  PACE, FL.        XXXX     XX       XXXXXXX
      No details.  Under investigation.
4/04      KIMBAL, S.D.           8:15 PM        NL          Multiple witness
      Several reports of flaming object which maneuvered. Not aircraft.
4/05      PLAINFILED, IN.      3:00 AM        CE2         Two witnesses
      "Gulf Breeze" type object with lights. No sound.
4/05      CANTONMENT, FL.      11:00 PM       NL          Two witnesses
      15 to 20 discs.  No sound.  Duration 5 minutes.
4/09  ST. PETERSBURG, FL.  3:05 PM         CE1            Two witnesses
      Seven disc-shaped craft, 5 to 10 ft. in diameter with a reddish glow
      on the underside, moving in a tight "V" formation. Estimated altitude
      500 ft.  Approached from SE, passed overhead, then went N.  No sound.
4/11      MIDWAY, FL.      XXXX     XX       XXXXX
      No details.  Under investiagtion.
4/12      WEBSTER, MA.           11:00 AM       CE2         Single witness
      (At Lake Chaubunagungamouga) Circular shaped craft, 12 to 15 ft. in
      diameter, four to five ft. thick, dark brown or black in color. Wit-
      saw bubbles/boiling on lake.  Watched 8 to 12 seconds then saw object
      ascend from water and shoot straight up into sky and out of sight.
      No sound.  Police called.  Witness deemed credible.
4/13      EUGENE, OR.      10:30 PM       CE1         Single witness
      While riding his motorcycle in a rural area the witness spotted two
      bright objects in the sky.  One appeared to be about 2000ft. above
      the ground, the other just above the roadway.  Both were stationary.
      He drove under the one over the road and stopped the bike. He looked
      up and saw a triangular-shaped craft about 30 ft. in diameter with
      brilliant white lights about 25 to 30 ft. above his head. After 15 min-
      utes the craft moved quickly to the south.
4/17  GULF BREEZE, FL.     10:00 PM       NL          Nine witnesses
      Lights observed with binoculars.  Probably stars.  No sound. 3 hrs.
4/18  GULF BREEZE, FL.     10:00 PM       NL          Six witnesses
      Probably stars.
4/19      JACKSON, CA.           8:30 AM        CE1         Two witnesses
      Square-shaped object with a red dome on top with silver disc-shaped
      object about 3 ft. in diameter attached to each side, (the diameter
      of each side was equal to the diameter of the disc), with a 20 ft.
      long silver rod hanging from the bottom, seen by pilot and passenger
      of small plane.
4/19      PANORA, IA.      10:35 PM       CE1         Two witnesses
      Oval-shaped object, "as big as an airliner" with many colored lights
      passed within 200 ft. of witnesses.  After passing overhead the ob-
      ject changed course and came to a stop over an open field.  It then
      launched two red lights which descended to the ground.      It was under
      observation for approximately 30 minutes.  No sound was heard.
4/20      WESTCHESTER CO., NY. 10:30 PM         CE1             Two witnesses
      Semi-circular solid object about 4 xs larger than a 747 with seven
      "big, big lights".  Watched for about 10 minutes in a stationary
      position before moving away toward New York City.  Three other adults
      riding in a car on Route 684 near Bedford (same county) witnessed simi-
      lar object.
4/21      CRESTVIEW, FL.         9:15 PM        CE2          Single witness
      90 ft. diameter disc with light beam. Humming sound.  2 minutes.
4/22  ST. LOUIS, MO.      9:22 PM        CE1          Two witnesses
      Blk. saucer w/orange turret & stripe, 150ft of wit. "Whish" sd. 30 sec.
4/24      SEVILLE, OH.           2:30 PM        CE1          Single witness
      Octagon-shaped object, gold in color, three to four ft. in diameter
      on the ground in neighbors field. After watching it for two minutes
      the object ascended slightly and moved to within 300 ft. of witnesses
      house.      Craft then moved back to original position and moved about.
      After about 7 minutes object ascended and moved out of sight. No sound.
4/25      WARRINGTON, FL.      XXXXX    NL        Two witnewsses
      Oval shaped UFO.  No sound.
4/27  GULF BREEZE, FL.     9:30 PM        NL           Single witness
      Sounds like bright star except for initial high speed. No sound. 30 min.


      May 1989       UFO Sightings

5/XX      BURLEIGH CO., ND     XXXX     TRACE       XXXX
      Bare spots 55'x 68' & 37'x 43' w/bulbous portrusions.
5/01      WARRINGTON, FL.      8:45 pm        CE1         Single witness
      Thirty foot, "bow-tie". No sound.  2 min.
5/02  GULF BREZE, FL.      EVEN.    NL       Multiple witness
      Two groups of people saw obj. w/ red, white and grn. lites.
5/02      LOUISVILLE, KY.      5:15 AM        CE1         Single witness
      Wit. saw a "big bright light" stationary in the sky under a cloud
      layer, which began moving in a circular pattern. Lite moved toward
      witness. As witness started vehicle to leave area, lite stopped 100ft
      away, then moved right to left and out of site.
5/04      FAIRFIELD CO., CT.   9:30 PM        NL          Multiple witness
      Several reports. One object, football field size, humming sound, "V"-
      shape. 30 min. Airport says hoaxers.
5/08      WALWORTH, NY.          9:45 PM        CE1         Two witnesses
      Wit. was looking out window when she noticed a dark obj. approaching
      below treetop level. It was "whale shaped" and black in color. Heard
      sound like that of helicopter, house shook. Sec. wit. said it was "all
      steel, totally solid", and was about 50 ft long.
5/06      FERNDALE, WA.          10:00PM        CE1         Five witnesses
      Witnesses saw lite form low in sky which appeared to be stationary. As
      they watched, a second form joined the first then one moved away at a
      high rate of speed. The second form descended toward the ground then
      moved toward the witnesses. It passed overhead at rooftop level. It was
      described as "really huge" and long & wide and moving without sound. It
      appeared to land in an open field then vanished.  Dur. 15 min.
5/10      BAUTISTA CANYON, CA.   7:45 PM       CE3            Single witness
      30 foot craft, 6-8 beings. EM-effects and TV. Humming sound. 11 min.
5/10      FARMINGTON HILLS, MI.  Midnite         CE2            Two witnesses
      Large greenish-silver dasc-shaped object, turned on end and paced car
      for about two hours. Car radio stopped working and electrical system
      quit working.
5/17      PITTSBURG, PA.         2:57 AM        NL          Two witnesses
      Oval object w/ lites.  No sound. 3 min.
5/20      ITHACA, NY.      9:00 PM        NL          Seventy-five wit.
      Eight blimp like objects seen by 75 persons, one time over Carl Sagan's
      home? Humming sound. 1 Hr.
5/20  LONG EDDY, PA.        10:32 PM       NL          Nine witnesses
      Large triangular pattern of three lites. Generator sound.
5/21  PINE MILL, PA.        11:00 PM       NL          Two witnesses
      Eight lites, 2 wings, curved front. Not a plane or `copter. "Whirr" sd.
5/21  LAKE COMO, PA.        EVEN     NL       Single witness
      Eleven lites, 3 formed a triangle on front. No sound. 7 min.
5/28  CAPE COD, MA.         1:45 PM        DD          Multiple witness
      Grey sphere came within 25' of copter at Otis AFB. No sound. 15 min.
5/28  EAST ISLIP, NY.      9:00 PM        DD          Single witness
      Unusual amt. of military copters & F-16 activity. Chasing cigar. 2 Hrs.
5/30  MT. VERNON, IN.      10:39 PM       XX          XX
      UFO Filter Ctr. MADAR, recorded magnetic disturbances. One pulse.
5/30  MT. VERNON, IN.      11:14 PM       XX          XX
      UFO Filter Ctr. MADAR, recorded magnetic disturbances.     Three pulses.
5/31  LONG ISLAND, NY.     XXXX     TRACE      XXXX
      Possible landing circle at Heckscher Park near a sighting.


      JULY 1989      UFO REPORTS

7/02      BELLINGHAM, MA.      MIDNITE        CE1         Single witness
      Basketball sized OBOL's in woods, 5 came within 70'. No sound.
7/03  ANZA VALLEY, CA.     11:30 PM       NL          Two witnesses
      Enormous craft, "like sgt's stripes" sped toward lake. No sound.
7/09  ANZA VALLEY, CA.     12:05 AM       NL          Two witnesses
      Couple saw strange lights on rocky hill where no vehicles could go.
      No sound. Seven minutes duration.
7/10      WOODLAND, CA.          2:00 AM        NL          Two witnesses
      Object flashing 2 or 3 greem & white lights. No sound.
7/15  SIOUX FALLS, S.D.    8:20 PM        DD          Four witnesses
      Dark object with flat ends. hovered. Ten minutes. No sound.
7/15      ITHACA, N.Y.           10:00 PM       NL          Multiple witness
      Sounds like NIGHT SIEGE all over again. 80 calls to pol. Noise. 7 min.
7/16      MIDWEST          1:15 AM        Booster re-entry
      NORAD/On SE path & visible for approximately 30 seconds.
7/16  MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.   XXXXX   NL       Two witnesses
      Two witnesses took video of enormous ball of fire. Listed last month.
7/16  N. CHARLESTON, N.C.  1:35 AM       NL       Multiple witness
      Many people fishing in several locations saw object. No sound.
7/16      CHARLESTON, S.C.     1:30 AM        NL          Multiple witness
      Dark shapeless object, 300 to 500' long w/sparks at 1500'. No sound.
7/16  NEW HARMONY, IN.     10:15 PM       CE1         Single witness
      Giant round object at tree-top level lit up area. hovered, then
      floated. No sound. 2 minutes.
7/16  TYBEE ISLE, S.C.     2:00 AM        NL          Single witness
      Large fireball reported by policeman. No sound. Seconds.
7/16  HILTON HD ISLE, S.C. 1:30 AM         NL       Single witness
      Fireball, witness said not a meteor. No sound. Seconds.
7/16      SAVANNAH, S.C.         1:30 AM        NL          Multiple witness
      FAA & Charleston airport received numerous calls. No sound. Seconds.
7/16      GEORGETOWN, S.C.     1:45 AM        NL          Five witnesses
      Swimmers saw object, bright in front, tail in back, with white lines
      on sides. No sound.
7/18      DUTTON, AL.      MIDNITE        NL          Two witnesses
      Light observed before thunderstorm, warned by psychic. No sound.
7/22      TRENTON, ME.           3:00 AM        DD          Two witnesses
      Pilots of Beechcraft saw oblong UFO over Bass Harnor. Power outage on
      ground. No sound. 2 minutes.
7/25      SMITHTOWN, N.Y.      9:30 PM        NL          Three witnesses
      Witnesses heard helicopters, saw one chasing red/orange ball. 90 sec.
7/26      HONEDALE, PA.          1:00 AM        CE1         Three witnesses
      Round object, two sightings within an hour. Sound. 1 hour.
7/XX      LANDING, N.J.          3:30 AM        CE1         Three witnesses
      13 to 15 ft. silver disc. No sound. 10 seconds.


      AUGUST 1989    UFO REPORTS

8/10      MILWAUKEE, WI.         3:30 AM     NL    2 wit.         No sound 25 min.
      Terrified couple, fishing on waters near Omro saw object fall, hover.
8/13      MANSURA, LA.           10:30 AM    CE2   2 wit.         No sound XXXX
      Small disc 30' away just above lawn left swirls. Vertical ascent.
8/18      LINCOLNTON, N.C.     3:00 PM     DD    1 wit.         No sound XXXX
      Red/brown triangular object size of Stealth bomber near nuclear plant
      300' off ground.
8/21      TRUSSVILLE, AL.      5:00 AM     NL    + wit.         No sound 30 min.
      Police reports of disc shaped object w/colored lites.
8/21      ASHVILLE, N.C.         5:30 AM     NL    + wit.         No sound 30 min.
      Oval w/two tails. One end faded, the other grew.
8/21  NASA BLAMES SDI TEST FOR NC SIGHTINGS. (Could this NASA test of the
      SDI cause sightings in Alabama?  F.R.)
8/22      PENSACOLA, FL.         Night NL      + wit.         No sound 2 hrs.
      Dark shapes and numerous lites approached each other.
8/22  GULF BREEZE, FL.     Night CE1      2 wit.         No sound XXXX
      Triangle 50 to 100' on a side, hovered over trees. Maneuvered.
8/23      NAVARRE BEACH, FL.   Night NL      + wit.         No sound XXXX
      Several saw triangular form over bay. Two huge red lites & yellow ctr.
8/23  GULF BREEZE, FL.     Night NL      2 wit.         No sound XXXX
      White or silver delta, 70' on side, passed overhead.
8/26      MINERAL POINT, PA.   5:00 PM     NL    9 wit.         No sound 45 min.
      Rotating sphere maneuvered, reversed direction twice.
8/31      BUTLER, PA.      9:00 PM     NL    + wit.         No sound 10 min.
      Mushroom w/lite hovered in field, 2 lites emerged. AF jets in area
      within one half hour.
8/31      TRUMBULL, CT.          9:00 PM     NL    1 wit.         Monotone      15 min.
      Not an a/c, would hover, then shoot off in another direction.
8/31      TRUMBULL, CT.         11:00 PM    NL    + wit.         No sound 7 min.
      Series of lights in "V" pattern buzzed city.
8/31      MONROE, CT.     11:00 PM    NL    4 wit.         No sound 7 min.
      EMT & three others in ambulance saw object coming head on.
8/31      CAMBRIA CO., PA.     9:30 PM     NL    + wit.         No sound XXXX
      Lights. No other details available.
8/31      HUNTINGTON, CT.     11:00 PM    NL    1 wit.         XXXX  7 min.
      Motorcyclist on Rt. 8 says he saw 5 airplanes flying in formation.
8/31      WESTMORELAND CO., PA.   10:15 PM   NL      + wit.         No sound XXXX
      Lights. No other details available.
8/31      TRUMBULL, CT.          Night CE1      2 wit.         Humming      XXXX
      Object 100' in air, just above trees, hovering.
8/31      BRIDGEPORT, CT.      11:00 PM    NL    + wit.         No sound 7 min.
      Dim lights in diamond pattern buzzed city.


      SEPTEMBER 1989       UFO REPORTS

9/XX  XXXX, IOWA       XXXX  TC      XX       Not appl.
      Seen on A CURRENT AFFAIR. Farmer found rings in field.
9/02  MT. VERNON, IN.      8:00 PM     NL    3 wit.         No sound    Seconds
      Bright cigar-shaped fireball seen by two independent witnesses.
9/03      EBENSBURG, PA.         Night CE1      1 wit.         No sound    15 sec.
      Rotating object moved at utility line height near car, no EM.
9/08  GRAND FORKS, ND.     5:40 AM     NL    1 wit.         No sound    15 sec.
      Air base A1C saw amber lights criss-cross. Says NOT meteor.
9/09  LONG ISLAND, NY.     2:30 AM     NL    2 wit.         No sound 7 min.
      Light observed about 40' over water in Oyster Bay.
9/09  GULF BREEZE, FL.     Night NL      3 wit.         No sound 2 min.
      Dull disc-shaped object w/lites joined by 4 identical vehicles.
9/11      KALAMAZOO, MI.         9:15 PM     CE2   +3 wit.     No sound    15 min.
      Object with stubby wings near nose. Tubes and pipes seen. Hovered.
9/12      PENSACOLA, FL.         7:55 PM     NL    35 wit.     No sound 7 min.
      35 people, 12 MUFON FIs, observed and photo'd lite that maneuvered.
9/13      BANGOR, PA.      7:45 AM     DD    2 wit.         No sound 7 min.
      Two separate sightings of odd, squarish & dark metallic object.
9/14      CANTONMENT, FL.      Night CE1      2 wit.         Low hum   3 min.
      Inverted cones hovered low over neighbor's house. Jet activity.
9/16      FLUSHING, NY.          1:00 AM     NL    5 wit.         No sound 3 hrs.
      Bright object with tiny lights 75-100' over lake.
9/17  MT. VERNON, IN.      8:43 PM     NL    1 wit.         No sound 7 min.
      Video taken of lite that brightened up.
9/20      OLDWICK, NJ.           7:30 AM     DD    +1 wit.     No sound 15 min.
      Box-like diamond hovered nr Rt. 78, big as full moon.
9/21  MT. VERNON, IN.      8:15 PM     NL    3 wit.         No sound 10 min.
      V or wing w/red lites headed toward St. Louis. FAA couldn't ID.
9/24      EVANSVILLE, IN         9:40 PM     NL    1 wit.         No sound 4 min.
      Security guard observed distant diffused Orange Ball of Light.
9/25  ST. LOUIS, MO.       Night NL      + wit.         No sound XXXX
        No soundserved dis, x-lik
9/25  MT. VERNON, IN.      8:00 PM     NL    3 wit.         No sound    SecondsXX      Not appl.8      Two separate sightings of odd, squarish & dark metallic object.   Seconds


      OCTOBER 1989         UFO REPORTS

10/XX      MEMPHIS, TN.           5:30 PM     NL    2 wit.         Not appl.   XXXX
      Pilot saw shiny ball 2x's size of two seater a/c, 800 mph+.
10/XX      GREENVILLE, MS.      Day   DD      1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Crop duster saw maneuvering 90' orange ball.
10/XX      CUMMING, IA.           Night CE1      1 wit.         No sound    10 min.
      Object over fisherman at 600', size of truck or house.
10/XX WELCH, OK.        Night CE3      1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Family out driving saw two 9' green glowing beings. Exact date unknown.
10/04 PEKIN, IL.        XXXX  NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Torpedo object at alt. of 25,000', accompanied by spheres. Angel hair.
10/07 MT. VERNON, IN.      8:10 PM     NL    1 wit.         No sound    10 sec.
      Strange light switched on-off twice, passed over city.
10/08      MILFORD, MI.           3:30 AM     CE1   1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Security guard saw object on ground which took off vertically.
10/09      PENSACOLA, FL.         Night CE1      5 wit.         No sound    10 sec.
      Disc, 200' from car, wobbled and raised above trees.
10/09 GULF BREEZE, FL.     Night CE1      3 wit.         Humming     XXXX
      Conical glowing object approached 300-500' overhead.
10/10      MEMPHIS, TN.           6:00 PM     NL    1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Pilot flying near Clarksdale & Memphis saw metallic craft.
10/10      COMMERCE, OK.          8:30 PM     NL    MW       No sound    Hours
      Law enforcement, Civil Air Patrol, others report strange lights.
10/10      SOUTHWEST PART MO.   Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      No details.
10/10      NORTHWEST PART ARK.  Night NL    MW       No sound    XXXX
      No details.
10/11      COMMERCE, OK.          Night NL      MW       No sound      4 hrs.
      Lights observed for four hours. Sounds like stars.
10/11 BAXTER SPRINGS, KS.  9:00 PM     NL    MW       Whizzing      4 hrs.
      More lights seen for hours, changed colors.
10/11      RIDGEWAY, PA.          8:30 PM     NL    1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Two lights near Big Dipper, 12 minutes later one moved.
10/11      CRESTWOOD, KY.         11:30 PM    NL    1 wit.         No sound    16 min.
      Pinkish-amber circular object maneuvered within 400 yds.
10/11      FYLINE, IA.      Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Several sightings of strange lights near Missouri border.
10/12      GREENVILLE, MS.      4:35 AM     NL    1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Orange Ball of Light observed by pilot driving to work.
10/12 WEST PLAINES, MO.    8:20 PM     NL    MW       No sound    15 min.
      Orange ball observed by several, sometimes dough-nut shaped.
10/12      BERNADOTTE, IL.      8:20 PM     NL    3 wit.         No sound    2.5 min.
      Two balls of light would blink. One went N, other E.
10/12 EAST KINGSTON, N.H.  8:50 PM    NL      2 wit.         No sound    30 sec.
      4-5 round objects in tight formation heading W-E, pulsing wh to grn.
10/12      BRADFORD, PA.          10:OO PM    CE2   1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      TV went out, objects with lights passed over house.
10/13 WEST PLAINS, MO.     9:40 PM     NL    MW       No sound    XXXX
      Observed through telescope. Object moved south
10/17 DAVIS COUNTY, IA.    Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Possibly Venus.
10/18      CHEROKEE COUNTY, KS. 8:00 PM NL    MW       No sound    8 min.
      Deep red objects hovered, then disappeared, returned.
10/20      CRESTED BUTTE, CO.   Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Lady reported obj/redhaze to police who giggled til 911 call came in.
10/20      HUNTSVILLE, AR.      5:10 AM     NL    2 wit.         No sound    30 min.
      Witnesses took several 110 pictures of red glow.
10/22      HATFIELD, AR.          8:00 PM     NL    MW       No sound    30 min.
      Globe, like a firecracker with straws of light.
10/23 PINE BLUFF, AR.      Night NL      1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Sheriff Dept. Sgt. reported obj. low on horizon. Possibly Venus.
10/23      RICHMOND, VA.          7:30 PM     NL    3 wit.         No sound    30 min.
      Light, within two city blocks, observed by family in car.
10/23      CHAPEL, AR.      8:00 PM     NL    MW       No sound    90 min.
      Many people & law enforcement saw lights. Possible CE1.
10/24      MARBLEHEAD, MA.      10:30 PM    NL    1 wit.         Whistle     5 sec.
      Blue fireball, explained.
10/26 SAN DIEGO, CA.       6:15 AM     NL    MW       No sound    7 min.
      Many reported bright light w/glowing conical area beneath.
10/26      NEWPORT, AR.           6:55 PM     NL    MW       Popping     90 min.
      Disc or cone flying low and slow, seen in seven counties.
10/26      MUSKOGEE, OK.          7:20 PM     NL    MW       No sound    XXXX
      Colored, (mostly green) rapidly moving lights streaked southward again.
10/27      HUNTSVILLE, AR.      4:45 AM     NL    2 wit.         No sound    25 min.
      Witnesses took photos of orange obj. w/columns of light. Missing time.
10/27      ARKANSAS         4:50 AM     NL    MW       No sound    XXXX
      Physician, bow hunting, & several others saw weird orng cld on horizon.
10/28      LONGMONT, CO.          11:45 PM    NL    1 wit.         No sound    2 sec.
      Flame red fireball, smokey trail vertical descent. Explained.
10/29 EL PASO, TX.        7:00 PM     NL    2 wit.         No sound    4 sec.
      Bright white fireball. Explained.
10/30 FT. WALTON BCH, FL.  Night  NL    2 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Two rows of lights in cross within undefined grey, slick shape.
10/31      GREENVILLE, S.C.     Night NL      2 wit.         No sound    7 sec.
      Lights in V-shape or checkmark on video. Humanoid reported in window.
10/31      DANBURY, CT.           Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Erratic flying light. 5-6 calls.
10/31      BETHEL, CT.      Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Erratic flying light. As above.


      UFO REPORTS      NOVEMBER 1989

11/XX      NEWBURG, IN.           Night NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Object over power station scared witnesses. Possible CE1.
11/XX CREVE COUER, MO.     9:00 AM     DD    1 wit.         No sound    30 sec.
      Three rectangles observed in clouds.
11/01 OREGON                 5:39 PM     NL    MW       No sound    3 sec.
      Blue-green fireball. Explained.
11/02 PEKIN, IL.        8:15 PM     NL    2 wit.         No sound    3 sec.
      Yellow-white fireball, bright as moon.
11/02 GULF BREEZE, FL.     9:40 PM     CE1   2 wit.         Humming     5 min.
      Three bell-shaped objects, gray-blue, illuminated.
11/02      WHISPER BAY, FL.     9:30 PM     CE1   2 wit.         Humming     XXXX
      Three bell-shaped objects, gray-blue, illuminated.
11/10 HOLMES COUNTY, OH.   Night TR      MW       N/A
      Dogs barked on Friday, the 10th. Large circle, burn, 40-50' wide found.
11/12      INDIANAPOLIS, IN.    Midnite     NL    MW       No sound    XXXX
      Video of NLs taken. Lights maneuvered at high speed.
11/12 FORT WAYNE, IN.      9:15 PM     NL    2 wit.         No sound    8 min.
      Dome w/lites observed. very unusual light patterns.
11/15 GULF BREEZE, FL.     9:00 PM     NL    2 wit.         No sound    6 sec.
      Beige cigar, 20-40' long went behind trees. Possible CE1.
11/15      SHORELINE PARK, FL.  XXXX   TC    XX       N/A          XXXX
      Strange circular depression found. Note prior sighting.
11/22      GREENWOOD, IN.         Night NL      1 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Extremely bright lite observed. Possible CE4.
11/28      EVANSVILLE, IN.      1:30 AM     NL    1 wit.         No sound    3 min.
      Security guard saw slow orange ball that later had steady red lite.
11/30      PENSACOLA, FL.         6:30 PM     NL    6 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Huge glowing object hovered over Gulf, then moved west.
11/30 MIDWAY AREA, FL.     10:00 PM    NL    1 wit.         No sound    7 min.
      Car, EM effects, 2 very large triangular objects, 100' above ground.



12/XX      CARMEL, IN.      2:00 AM     CE2   2 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Object like "space shuttle" maneuvered over car, fuses blown.
12/01      INDIANAPOLIS, IN.    9:00 PM     NL    3 wit.         No sound    XXXX
      Copters prompted a looksee outside, "boomerang" UFO observed outside.
12/13 GLEN RIDGE, N.J.     11:10 PM    NL    2 wot.         No sound    5 min.
      Speckely thing, like half-tone negative darted around.
12/14      CHIMAYO, N.M.          8:30 PM     NL    MW       No sound    30 min.
      Several reports. One of a stealth surrounded by 7-8 lights.
12/15 MT. VERNON, IN.      6:03 PM     NU    MADAR    XXXX        XXXX
      Detection of magnetic anomaly. Sensor never returned to north.
12/17 MT. VERNON, IN.      9:14 AM     NU    MADAR    XXXX        XXXX
      Detection of magnetic anomaly. No return to north.
12/19 SIERRA CO., N.M.     11:00 PM    RV    MW       No sound    Hours.
      UFOs tracked on Radar near Socorro & Magdalena.
12/21      PENNSACOLE, FL.      12:30 AM    NL    1 wit.         No sound    5 min.
      Man saw object 200' over water. Bright beam from front.
12/21      MARTINSVILLE, IN.    1:00 AM     CE2   2 wit.         No sound    7 min.
      Rectangular object big as football field. Witnesses felt "pulsing".
12/21      INDIANAPOLIS, IN.    Night CE2      2 wit.         No sound    7 min.
      Rect. object, big as football field. Possibly 12/22. See next entry.
12/22 MT. VERNON, IN.      10:49 AM    NU    MADAR    XXXX        XXXX
      Detection of magnetic anomoly. No auto return.
12/28 MT. VERNON, IN.      8:10 PM     NL    6 wit.         No sound    3 min.
      UFO Filter Ctr. observed object while remote car (toy) had mind of own.
12/28 WEST COAST OF U.S.   Night      NL      MW       No sound    XXXX
      Fireball observed from Grand Canyon to San Diego.


      January 1990      UFO Reports

1/XX  CEDAR RIDGE, CA.     12:30 A        NL          02 witnesses
      Bright & distant OBOLO zig-zagged in distance. No sound.  XXXX
1/01      EUGENE, OR.      12:12 A        NL          24 witnesses
      Five orange balls changed position in formation.  No sound. 20 min.
1/01  GULF BREEZE, FL.      6:30 P         NL          02 witnesses
      Women followed 10' elliptical w/lites down a street. No sound. 25 min.
1/04      NEWTON, N.J.            6:30 A         NL          02 witnesses
      Oval/disc paced car, maneuvered, brilliant lites. No sound. 07 min.
1/06      CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN.   2:30 A         NL       02 witnesses
      Big orange light circled & hovered within 1/2 mile. No sound. 20 min.
1/08  GULF BREEZE, FL.      6:30 P         NL          02 witnesses
      Witnesses saw disc shaped obj. dart below clouds. No sound. 20 min.
1/08  GULF BREEZE, FL.      6:28 P         NL          02 witnesses
      Ed and his wife/et al, took pictures of blk/disc. No sound. 32 min.
1/08  GULF BREEZE, FL.      6:30 P         NL          01 witnesses
      Disc complete with "power ring" observed by witness. No sound. XXXX
1/11      EVANSVILLE, IN.      12:06 A        NL          01 witness
      Amber light appeared to tumble. No sound. 03 min.
1/12      INDIANAPOLIS, IN.    MIDNITE        NL          04 witnesses
      Obj. with lites in circle, saucer-shaped. No sound.  05 min.
1/12  GULF BREEZE, FL.      8:30 P         NL          06 witnesses
      6 children saw 20' disc w/rect. windows low at 1/2 m. No sound. 07 min.
1/20  BOYLE, MS.         1:20 A         CE2         01 witness
      Disc dodging trees paced auto at low level. EM effects. No snd. 04 min.
1/21      WAUPACA, PA.            5:30 P         NL          XX
      Triangle w/ deep red lite on bottom. No sound. No other details.
1/22      JACKSON, MS.            2:32 P         SKY QUAKE  Multiple witness
      Sonic boom or "skyquake" only, no UFO. Unexplained.
1/22      MOUNTAIN HOME, AR.    DUSK     NL       Multiple witness
      Possible CE1, former copter pilot.  No sound.      20 min.
1/22  PORT GRAHAM, AK.      7:00 P         CE1         01 witness
      Wing with red and blue lites & spotlite observed. No sound.  XXXX
1/22      ENGLISH BAY, AK.      7:40 P         NL          02 witnesses
      Red lite, 50' altitude, range, 700'.  No sound.  XXXX
1/24      HERMISTON, OR.          4:35 P         DD          01 witness
      Two round objects with openings seen flying behind trees.  No sound.
1/24      WANAQUE, N.J.           9:30 P         CE1         03 witnesses
      Object w/lites/pointed frt/rnded back, passed over car. No snd. 20 min.
1/25      PANHANDLE FL.           2:10 P         SKYQUAKE   Multiple witness
      Tremors or "skyquake" shook area as far as Mobile. Unidentified source.
1/25      MINNEAPOLIS, MN.      6:15 A         NL          Multiple witness
      Green light, possible meteors, seen over 12 hr. period? No sound.  XXXX
1/25  LITTLE ROCK, AR.      6:20 A         NL          Multiple witness
      Sounds like fireball meteor.  No sound.  07 seconds.
1/27      PULASKI, VA.            7:00 P         NL          Multiple witness
      Probably a fireball meteor. Also seen in NW N.C. No sound. 07 seconds.
1/28      STOCKBRIDGE, MI.      XXXX     NL       Multiple witness
      Super large craft w/bright blue lites on perimeter. No sound.  XXXX
1/29      WELLMAN, IA.            9:00 P         NL          01 witness
      Huge dark mass, flanked by two beacons, lit by a halo. No sound. Brief.
1/31      BARTHOLOMEW, CO.     12:27 A        NL          Multiple witness
      Bright sparkling obj. seen. No sound. 20 min. No other details.
1/31      HARRISBURG, PA.       6:30 P         NL          02 witnesses
      Another "stingray" seen. Thought it was troubled a/c. No snd. 10 min.

The preceeding courtesy of:                                               
Barbara Becker, UFO RESEARCH NETWORK, P.O. Box 19744, St. Louis, MO. 63144
Fran Ridge, UFO FILTER CTR., 618 Davis Dr., Mt. Vernon, IN. 47620         
Bob Gribble, PHENOMENA RESEARCH, P.O. 1807, Seattle, WA. 98111



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