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Subject: Philadelphia Experiment

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Hello Mike!

17 May 93, Mike Keithly writes to All:

MK> Can someone shed some light on what ACTUALLY happened with the

MK> Philadelphia Experiment back in 1942 or 44. I seen part of the movie and

MK> want to know more about this.. Anyone help me on this?

I don't know what "ACTUALLY" happened, but the following explains fairly well what allegedly happened. Take it for what it's worth.

Placed in the public domain from the VANGARD SCIENCES archives on

September 8, 1989. Our mailing address is PO BOX 1031, Mesquite, TX

75150. Voice phone (Jerry 214-324-8741...Ron 214-484-3189

KeelyNet (214) 324-3501

The Philadelphia Experiment

(the Invisible Ship Experiment)

by Alex Saunders for Search Magazine

During the Second World War, all participant countries were looking for

a way to end hostilities quickly, no matter how fantastic the manner.

If some unorthodox or revolutionary invention could do the trick, all

the better, as long as the war terminated triumphantly for them.

The U.S. Navy, for one, seemed obsessed with the idea of the perfect

camouflage - the ultimate secret weapon - INVISIBILITY. If only one of

their warships could be made invisible, think of the havoc it could

cause the enemy. Havoc that could conceivably bring the bitter and

long-enduring war to an end.

On October 28, 1943, an experiment was conducted at the Philadelphia

Navy Yard. This event, appropriately enough, became known as "The

Philadelphia Experiment".

A Navy escort destroyer named the DE 173 (better known as the U.S.S.

Eldridge), with hundreds of tons of electronic equipment aboard, lay in

its dock. Scientists on shore started the experiment which involved Dr.

Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory", a completed version appearing

in the period 1925-27. "Withdrawn" as incomplete, the revised theory

returned in 1940. The result of the experiment was brain-rattling!

The ship faded rapidly from sight in a foggy, green mist - and

COMPLETELY VANISHED! Speechless amazement struck the wide-eyed

scientists ashore.

Then, after a few minutes (another account makes that "seconds"), the

ship reappeared where it had formerly been, to its Philadelphia dock,

and regained its visibility! But that was not all. Something equally

stunning was discovered to have happened during its vanishment.

During that period of a few minutes (or seconds) the ship had shown up

at its other Norfolk Navy Yard dock in Virginia! So, not only had it

successfully become invisible, but it had also been TELEPORTED!

With the ship's disappearance, so had everything aboard disappeared.

EVERYTHING! The many hundreds of tons of scientific equipment,



More than half of them went insane due to the effects of pulsating

energy fields and were quietly confined to mental institutions. Our

report has it that "they were kept at Bethesda Naval Hospital out of

communication with everybody for the duration of the war."

Then there were those who, discharged as mentally unfit for further

service, were pensioned off and sworn to secrecy. Several died. Others

recovered, but at what a price!

Page 1

Never were they to regain their former normalcy. True, the invisibility

experiment fo the Navy ship was a total success, but to the men aboard,

severe after-effects both physical and mental made it a real disaster.

Some saw double, became invisible, laughed and staggered drunkenly,

fainted, caught on fire to burn for days on end, walked through solid

walls, disappeared temporarily and permanently, and worse.

Worse a thousandfold because they could either "Go Blank" or "Get

Stuck". The former,a not-too-unpleasant after effect due to being too

long insided the force-field, caused invisibility. To "Get Stuck" was a

side effect that kept the unfortunate from moving on his own volition, a

truly Hell-on-Earth experience.

He would remain transfixed unless two or more of the others withing the

fields quickly touched him. If not, he would lapse into "Deep Freeze",

which was definitely NOT psychological.

Now his position must be marked out carefully with the force-field

cutoff. Unable to move, and unaware of time as we know it, his

"unfreezing" could occur in an hour or so only if another fellow-

sufferer approached him and touched his face or bare skin. Or it could

take twenty-four hours. In one case it took SIX MONTHS!

To do the job of "unfreezing" required the construction of highly

complicated equipment. But should he be "frozen" for more than a day,

he would usually go mad - "stark raving, gibbering, running mad!"

If, within the vicinity of the Philadelphia Navy Yard a group of sailors

were seen to be putting their hands on another sailor, or upon "thin

air", an enlightened observer would know what was going on.

Quoting from Moore's book, page 130 :

"The experiment...had been accomplished by using naval-type magnetic

generators, known as DEGAUSSERS, which were 'pulsed' at resonant

frequencies so as to 'create a tremendous magnetic field on and

around a docked vessel.'"

Predictably, the Office of the Naval Information has consistently denied

the force-field experiment based on Einstein's Unified Field Theory, and

will send standard form letters of denial, curtly worded, to anyone

requesting information.

Despite this, succeeding issues of the November, 1967 issue of SAGA

magazine contained letters stoutly affirming the secret U.S. experiment.

Some were written by sailors and officers who claimed to have actually

been aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge during that time in October, 1943.

Another claimant was the mother of a crew member who was put in an

insane asylum as a result, and who remains there still. And so on.


When the experimental Navy ship was invisibly teleported from

Philadelphia to Norfolk, the period of time that transpired was, let us

say, minutes-long, though as stated previously, some accounts declare it

was done within seconds.

Page 2

Question : Where did the vessel vanish INTO before its visible

reappearance in Virginia?

Another dimension would be the most logical answer, and one that was

obviously LIVEABLE. It had to be liveable for the simple reason that

all the men aboard returned once more to the ship's original berth in

Philadelphia, not dead (as a poisonous atmosphere would have positively

left them), but very much alive.

We come now to two other great mysteries, UFOs and.....Well, first, I

would ask the reader of this article to take a paper map of the world.

Spread it on a flat surface. After drawing a line from Miami, Florida,

to Puerto Rica, draw another line to Bermude and back again to Miami.

What you will now have is a vast, watery triangle of the famous "Bermude

Triangle" wherein ships and planes (along with all those aboard) have

inexplicably disappeared. And it may very well be that there is a

definite connection between the three - the Philadelphia Experiment

project, UFO's and the Bermuda Triangle.

Furthermore, as the ships in the Bermuda Triangle disappeared, survivors

and witnesses have reported a related sight. The ships were ENCIRCLED


Eldridge was alleged to have vanished!

Does this then mean that the "place" into which the above disappeared is

the very same "place" where ships and planes of the Bermuda Triangle

disappeared? That is, through "doorways" into another dimensional world

in time and space?

Entering such a habitat was the hair-raising claim made by some of the

crew of the U.S.S. Eldridge on their return from being teleported. Not

only that, but they swore that while there they had SEEN, and TALKED, to


From Moore's book, page 68, are these chilling words:

"Presumably, if a vessel could be projected into another space or

energy continuum through mistake or design, it might also be possible

that its occupants could encounter entities on the other side of the

curtain of invisibility, shrouding contiguous but nontangent worlds. It

is intriguing to concieve the possibility that an experiment sponsored

by the U.S. Navy may have accidentally managed to pass through a doorway

into another world more than thirty-five years ago and that the

experiment and the results have been kept a closely guarded secret ever


So, can this other "place" be the home, or origin, of the elusive UFO's?

For these vari-shaped craft have been observed in the skies of the

Bermuda Triangle, not a few times, but many, many times.

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT is not without discrepancies. Make no

mistake about that. More than one are to be found, but with a subject

as explosively stunning and momentous as the one in William L. Moore's

book, this is to be expected. Take these examples:

Page 3

Regarding the time period of the U.S.S. Eldridge's teleportation,

some reports say it was a matter of SECONDS (see pages 24, 128 and 249),

while other reports claim it was measured in MINUTES (see pages 47, 89,

110 and 135).

Some reports claim the October 28, 1943 experiment occurred while the

ship was docked in Philadelphia (see pages 130 and 131). Other reports

statethe experiment was conducted AWAY from the dock, out at sea (se

pages 110 and 143).

To add to the confusion comes a claim that there was more than one

experiment, with one taking place at dockside, the other at sea (see

page 250).

The copy of the Navy's form letter of denial is odd in that it

contains errors in spelling and grammar (see pages 134, 135 and 136).

This from the powerful and literate U.S. government! Surely a top

government agency does not issue sloppily composed forms? Also, in it

is the statement that Einstein never completed his Unified Field Theory.

Yet elsewhere in the book mention is made that the theory was finally

revised and completed (see page 150).G

The claim is made (see page 56) that "somefew people can somehow

tell you a man's name and his home address UNDER HYPNOSIS EVEN THOUGH

NEVER HAVING EVER MET OR SEEN THIS PERSON" is just too incredible to


So much of men's existence depends on his ability to recollect and

recognize past experiences. He cannot make it through a day without

this basic ability. Consequently, how could a person give an

individual's name, address, etc. when that person has never met the

individual before?

In spite of the foregoing discrepancies - and there are more - I

would urge the very sober reading of William L. Moore's electrifying

book, THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT, which contains much more than my

brief outline has indicated. Richly detailed and including many

impressive photographs, I believe it is of paramount importance

and should never - NEVER! - be ignored.


"THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT" by Bill Moore - Published by Fawcett Crest


VANGARD comments...

Peter Kelly has an interesting theory which states that the magnetic

field is gives matter its form while the electric field contains the

information which determines the characteristics of the mass.

Peter says that the magnetic field can be suppressed to allow access

to the electric field. When this occurs, the electric field can be "re-

programmed" for the desired characteristics you would like the mass to

exhibit. The magnetic field is then increased while the "charactered

electrical field is maintained". This then brings about transmutation.

Page 4

We of VANGARD have had many interesting discussions with our own group

as well as with researchers, writers and others interested in such


If the magnetic field is intensified while being pulsed at the natural

resonant field of a mass, it would act like a ballon filled with water.

As the balloon was squeezed, the particles which make up the mass would

be pushed out, through a tube (4th dimension?) to a point in the past

where the mass had been. At that point, another balloon which

represents the "phantom" of the ship when it was there, would be "re-

filled" to allow the mass to teleport to a previous location.

Now, if the crew on the mass being teleported were to panic, a sudden

removal of the power BEFORE THE TELEPORTATION was complete would result

in the balloons surging from one to another until equilibrium was


This would in turn, cause radical changes in all structures involved in

the process, especially living systems, refer to HOMEOPA1, DNAMAST1 and

DNAMAST2 on the KeelyNet BBS for further information as the ability of

cells and mass to "record" patterns in which they occur.


KeelyNet is (214) 324-3501


Thank you for your time, comments, contributions and support!


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