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Subject: Of ETs and Classical Religion

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Lately there has been talk about ETs being demons and all that

rot. I pose a question to you fundumentalists here: Could

Demons have been ETs? Could Satan, otherwise knonw as Satan a El

or En Lil or Lucifer...could this personage have been a

commnader in an advance squadron cme to this planet to do one

thing and wound up do somehting else, contrary to the commands

of his leader or superior? You decide. The following is a

description of a contiguous dream one man had over a period of

time on this nature of this very subject.

To Fundumentalist, I suggest you read up on the Sumerian

civilization as well as the Egyptian civilization. Then tie

those subjects into your reading on the evolution of

Christianity and do some comparitive religions study.

even your own Bible warns you to not take it literally.




I am submitting this file after a great deal of soul-searching. I

have at no time considered myself to be any different than anyone

else. When the events that are recounted below occurred, I seriously

considered seeking professional help. Instead, I turned within and

performed my own private introspection. I discovered that I can now

approach these incidents and accept them as factual and go from

there. I do not expect anyone to believe or to even actually read

this file. But, I feel that is necessary to at least "go-public" as

part of the healing process.


I am at this writing 38 years old. I am divorced and have custody of

my two teenaged sons. I am ex-Navy and work in the computer

communications field.

I am an amateur writer and investigative correspondent for several

publications. Most specifically, I write for Firefighters.

I am not one of "God's Green Berets" in terms of religion. Nor am I

involved in an New Age, Wicca, or any other "alternative" belief


I like to consider myself as just a "regular guy". At the time of

the dreams, I had been separated from my wife and had just filed for

divorce. I was living at 130 Foothill Court in Morgan Hill CA. This

is a bedroom community located 35 miles south of San Jose CA. I was

deeply involved in research on a book that I was writing on

corelationships between the ZODIAC killings in the Bay area in the

70's and the Green River Killer of Seattle of the 80's. I relate all

of this information in that I feel that it is necessary that I "set

the stage" of exactly what was going on in my life and my

preoccupations of the time.


In late May of 1989, I was poring over a large amount of data that I

had recently received regarding the Green River Killer. My research

assistant, Laura Xenos, and I had spent the better part of the

evening cataloging the new data and correlating it to existing

information. My youngest son, Danial, was staying with my sister in

Seattle for the summer vacation and my oldest son Mike was visiting

a girlfriend in San Jose. At about mid-night, Laura and I decided

that we were both exhausted and decided to knock off for the night.

I convinced Laura not to drive all the way back to San Jose and she

went to sleep on the couch in my den. I retired to my bedroom and

went to sleep. However, like all good parents, I kinda had one eye

open to insure that Mike made it home OK.

At precisely 3:15am I awoke. My bed was situated in my bedroom in

such a manner that when the bedroom door was open, I could see down

the hallway to my sons bedrooms. When I awoke, the hall light was on

and there was a person standing in door of my bedroom. As you are

probably aware, when you awaken from a deep sleep, it is difficult

to focus on bright lights.

This being the case, I shielded my eyes from the hall light and in

my best imitation of a parent trying to be hip I said " Yo dude,

Isn't it a little late for you to be getting in???". The person(?)

standing in the door said in a calm and quiet voice "Go to sleep,

You will remember". I recall saying something to the effect of

"Yeah, right" and I rolled over and went to sleep. At 5:00am I woke

up, sitting up. That is to say I became aware that I was in my

bedroom and that I was sitting up in bed. I had no recollection of

sitting up, just that I was sitting there.

Being of a hopeless parental mind, I stormed into my sons room and

woke him up to chew him out for getting in at 3:00am. Mike told me

he had arrived at 12:30 and watched the end of the Carson show and

went to sleep. My son has never lied to me and this would not have

been a circumstance that he would feel that he had to lie to protect

himself (he's bigger than me). Confused, I went in and woke up Laura

and asked her if she had come to my room the previous night. She

said that she had been asleep on the couch all night and had not

risen until I woke her up.

I was duly troubled by the events of the previous evening. For the

rest of the day I had a nagging feeling that there was something in

my mind that was just out of reach. It is like when you are supposed

to do something for someone but just can't remember exactly what it

was. There was a guilty feeling that I couldn't identify.

Over the course of the day I dismissed the feelings and the thoughts

that had bothered me that morning. By the end of the day, I was

ready to go to bed (the first occurrence happened on a Friday

night). Mike had gone off and was going to spend the night at a

friends house in San Jose and I was relishing the thought of having

the house empty and quiet to myself. I went to bed at about 10:30

and drifted off to sleep. At this point I am not sure if both of the

below described dreams occurred on the same night or if one had

occurred the night before and had emerged when the second one

materialized. I do know that these dreams were in vivid color. I can

CLEARLY remember that point. I usually do not remember the details

of my dreams. But, in this case the details are clear and the colors

are extremely clean and concise.


I am in a large room. It is not unlike the pictures I have seen of

the United Nations General Assembly Hall. At one end is a raised

dais that has several people(?) seated at it. There is a lot of gold

and silver in the clothing that the people around me are wearing.

The floor is a fine pastel blue not quite robins egg but close.

There is a heated argument taking place between a man on the floor

and the people(?) on the dais. I cannot see his head or face (the

man on the floor). Where his head would be is a helical light

alternating white and black (like a barbers pole). it is turning

counter-clockwise. That is if you were facing him, the helix was

turning from my right to left. It had the appearance of "screwing"

down into his shoulders. He is wearing a "toga" that is iridescent

blue/black and flashes when he moves his arms. I cannot see his

hands as the arms of the toga cover them. I am suddenly aware of a

presence to my left. I cannot see who it is. A quiet voice is

talking to me. I am being told that the little man in the silvery

blue/black robe is "Lucifer", ambassador from the Satanas

Federation. He is declaring the rights of the Satanas to do what the

please. The Council is advising him that the "experiments" must end.

If the Satanas Federation does not obey the "Doctrine" then there

will be war.

At this point I remember straining to hear what the voices. There

were no voices. It was more a lot of high pitched whines and growls.

It sounded a lot like a beginning violin player combined with a

beginning clarinet player. When I asked what the "doctrine" was, my

off-stage dis-embodied voice told me that it was that no one could

interfere with another culture.

Fade to black.......

DREAM 2, The 21

I am in a place without definition. there is a pinkish blur around

me. It can be likened to what a movie-maker would use to have a

dream-sequence in a movie. In front of me is a group of people. I

count 21 people standing in a "triangular" or a delta grouping in

front of me. At the point or apex facing me is a smallish woman

about 5 feet tall. She has black hair (raven black) it is straight

and severely cut straight and even with her shoulders. She has a

pale white complexion. Her eyes are striking. They are crystal clear

and the bluest blue that I have ever seen. They are almost

luminescent. Her lips are vivid red. I am sure that there is no

make-up on her face. Around her are the other 20 people. They are

all dressed in pale blue robes bound at the waist with a white rope

or cord. I cannot see their feet. From my left, a voice tells me

"This is your people" "You are the protector". I remember saying

"Yeah, right, I am a protector, I am overweight, wear glasses and

can barely defend myself". The voice didn't miss a beat, "You will

be changed". I can remember being both confused and curious. I asked

the voice " What am I supposed to do?, Who are these people?, Where

are we to go? (I just knew we were going to go somewhere)"

The voice replied "You will meet them when it is time, You will be

the protector, You will go over the river, past the mountain to the


I was getting a little agitated at this point. "Am I supposed to

lead these people like Moses or something?" The voice answered that

"She is the leader, you are the protector". "to show that you are a

protector, we are placing the mark of the protector on your vibronic

(sic?) aura to show others that you are a protector". At this point

I am suddenly holding a white ceramic molding that looks kind of

like a heart with one side gone. Not a human heart mind you, but a

"romantic" heart. The voice says "This is the mark of the

protector". "You will know from your memories when it is time to go"

Again I was confused "What memories?" The voice then told me about

Bio-Chemical memories that are implanted in the DNA structure of the

receiver and can be activated at will. I didn't understand what he

was telling me and I really cant even begin to recount it but I knew

that I didn't understand it and that try as I might to absorb what

he was saying I couldn't grasp it all. There was a great deal about

Cerebrum synapses and the bio-chemical programming being superior to

crystal implants. I am not a doctor or a clinical type so it didn't

mean a great deal to me. I remember the dream most vividly, but the

clinical details of this portion of the "conversation" remain just

out of reach so to speak in my mind.

Fade to black.....


When I awoke on Sunday Morning, I was disturbed. I had full and

complete remembrance of these dreams at this point. Not only did I

remember each detail most fully, the dreams had been in color. I

could not ever remember ever having a dream in color. The face of

the black haired woman was vivid in my mind. I thought about the

dreams all day. I worked on my manuscript through most of the day.

When I went to bed Sunday evening, I was still thinking about her.

That night I had the same dream(s) again. Now I don't know if it was

induced by me re-living the experience in my mind of my own volition

or if there was an outside influence. Regardless, I had the dreams

again. I continued to have the dreams for several nights. I was

getting paranoid and scared. By Friday, I was afraid to go to sleep.

I had been awake for about 36 hours. At this time I had been

"dating" a woman who was active in the more esoteric aspects of new

age. I was aware of her beliefs but we never talked about it. I told

her that I was not going out Friday night with her, and I told her

that I was disturbed by some dreams that I kept having. At this

point, I had told NO-ONE about these dreams. I was afraid that

people would think that I had gone "around the bend".

Linda convinced me to talk to an acquaintance of hers that was a

"channeler". I had no bloody idea what a "channeler" was or what the


I agreed to see the channeler. That night I visited a woman named

Amaya. I was nervous about all of it partially because I was

exhausted and partially I didn't know what to expect. Amaya was an

older woman. she was smallish and very delicate looking. She had a

soft quiet voice and was extremely polite. She offered me a cup of

herb tea and told me to relax. I told her that I had been having

some dreams that were disturbing me and that Linda had said that

maybe she could help. At this point she looked extremely

uncomfortable and asked if she could invite another person to join

us. I didn't know what to think. I said sure, no problem. I was

uneasy though. I didn't know if this was satanic or if we going to

cut a calf or what. In a few minutes a man named Roger came to the

house. Amaya then explained that she had invited Roger over because

while she was talking to me she was being overtaken by a powerful

force, more powerful than anything that she has ever encountered and

she wanted Roger to be there in case he was needed. Amaya told me

that there was someone who wanted to talk to me most emphatically,

she said that it was as if her body were being wholly attacked by

sandpaper. She said all of her nerve endings were being stimulated.

She looked frightened. Roger asked if she wanted to go through with

it. She said she didn't know. At this point, I didn't know what to

think. I felt that I could be in the middle of a con job or a gypsy

scam or whatever. Again it is important for me to relate that I had

still not told ANYONE about the content of the dreams. Roger got a

tape recorder and set it up and told me that I could have a record

of the events. I was becoming convinced that it was a con-job. Then

the most incredible thing that I have ever witnessed took place.

Amaya was sitting across the table from me in her kitchen, the tape

recorder was on the table between us. Roger was sitting to my left.

All of Amayas facial features began to change. I don't mean that she

distorted her face, I mean they CHANGED!. Her long thin face changed

to a more round face, her cheeks puffed out as if she had suddenly

gained 20 pounds. Her complexion darkened almost to that of a Latino

or Arab. Her eyes took on a almond shape and drew back not quite

into an oriental look. When she opened her eyes, they were no longer

blue, they were black! That is there was no color just two black

holes in the white.

When she spoke, gone was the soft quiet voice. What came out was a

loud booming voice. It had a distinct accent that was kind of like a

Jamaican but more Spanish.

What follows is a direct transcript of the tape that was made:

You are indeed a protector.

You were chosen many lifetimes ago

You have been trained for this duty throughout your lifetimes

You volunteered for this.

You will be changed for this duty.

You have been given memories that will be activated when you need


We have done this because your technical-analytical mind will


these memories and you will not accept them.

You can quit this duty whenever you decide.

You have a free-will

Your Vibronic (sic?) aura bears your mark

(ROGER> "Let me see if I can detect it"

--Roger begins to run his hands around me not unlike a mime doing a

'wall' routine.

(ROGER> "There is something here"

It is as I have told you, you bear the mark of the protector.

(ROGER> "Here is what is there"

--Roger hands me a piece of paper that has a pencil drawing that is

EXACTLY the same as the white ceramic molding that I had held in

the dream.

The girl is the leader. You are the protector.

The dreams are real.

You do not have to fear them.

They will end tonight.

There will be more dreams when you need them.

Do you wish to be a protector?

(ME> "Yes"

Do you have any questions?

(ME> "Yes, Many of them"

You may ask.

(ME> "Are there more than the people I saw?"

There are other groups.

Each 21 has its own protector.

This 21 is for you.

(ME> "The girl with the black hair is the leader?"

She is the leader but she does not lead the way that you are


She will be an example for the others.

They will follow out of their own free-will.

(ME> "How do I find them?"

When it is time, They will find you.

They will know you by your mark.

You will know them by the mark.

(ME> "What mark do they have?"

When it is time, you will know.

(ME> "Why is this happening now?"

You are being awakened to allow time for you to be prepared for the


Other protectors are being awakened now to prepare them.

The time is approaching for you to begin your duty.

When the world declares war on the South, it is time.

(ME> "What does that mean?"

You will understand in time.

(ME> "Who are they?"

They are the minds and the experiences of your race.

(ME> "What about my family?"

There will be more than just the 21.

You will have many people in your care.

The 21 are the core.

You are the protector.

(ME> "Does that mean that my family, my sons, will be with me?"


(ME> "Are you from the future?"

The future is like a river.

It goes in a direction.

There is no way of telling if there are eddies and backcurrents.

If you place a piece of wood in the water and track its movements,

then place a second piece of wood in the same spot in the water, the

current will never take the same route. To ask if I am from the

it be said that I am from A future.

(ME> "When you say that I was trained many lifetimes ago what do you


You were a warrior.

You fought many battles.

You died many times.

You volunteered when you were what you call a Comanchero.

(ME> "What is that?"

Your people call them Indians.

They were the last pure spirits of your race.

We spoke to them.

We were what they called the Bird Tribes.

--There is a period of quiet

Do you have any other questions?

(ME> "I know there are but I can't think of any."

There is a malevolence, an evil as your race perceives it.

It is dominating your plane.

We cannot interfere.

You must defend yourselves.

We go now


The tape was made during the session.

This has been validated by three separate persons.

Amaya at this point seemed to deflate. Her face changed back to its

original configuration. She was panting and covered with sweat.

I was both relieved and quite scared. I didn't know what to think.

After she had recovered, Amaya asked if she could listen to the

tape. I asked her if she didn't remember what was said. She said

that she had been in a "pink place" while we had spoken. She asked

me the name of who I had talked to. I had not asked. She said that

she didn't know who it was wither, but, she said that it was the

most powerful experience that she had ever had. I asked her if I

owed her anything. She said that she usually asked for $75.00 for

the services. (This immediately fortified my belief that this was a

scam) She said that she couldn't accept anything this time.

I tried to force the money on her. (I think that I was trying to

justify my own beliefs that this was a scam). As I was leaving, I

left $50.00 in a candy dish by her door. I felt better for it. I

went out to my car and took off for home. I got about 3 miles from

home and reached into my shirt pocket for my gas credit card, I came

out with the 2 twenties and the ten that I "thought" that I had left

in the candy dish. (Scary thoughts went through my head).

That night I slept the sleep of the wicked. I had no dreams and woke

up Saturday morning feeling refreshed and better than I have felt in



There were no dreams for several months. My son Mike helped his

girlfriends family to move up to Spokane in Washington state and

decided to spend the summer up there. Laura and I continued to

research my book material and my relationship with Linda wilted and

faded away. I was planning to take my vacation and take a camping

trip up to Spokane and pick up my son Mike, and swing over to

Seattle see my son Danial (he had asked if he could go to school in

Seattle). Laura was going to tag along to keep me company (strictly

a platonic relationship). During the course of the trip, We had

stopped for the night at a campground just outside of The Dalles in


I had hooked up my trailer and was making a campfire. I stoked the

fire and was watching it. I became aware of Laura asking me if I was

OK. I remember looking at my watch and seeing that it was only

7:00pm saying that was ok and that I was going to sit by the fire

for a while. Then Laura seemed to be shaking me asking me if I was

ok. I said that I had "just told her that I was fine" She said that

that had been almost 5 hours ago. I looked at the fire. It had gone

out and was cinders. I was perplexed. I had just been looking at it.

Hell, I had just started it. I looked at my watch. it said that it

was about 7:15pm. Laura showed me her watch. It said that it was

well past midnight. My watch was running and didn't appear to have

any damage. I was a bit confused. I was very tired. We went into the

trailer and I went to bed. That night I had another dream.

I was in the air. Flying I guess. I was looking down on an area of

trees and green grass. There was a river that snaked through the

area. There was a community of houses nestled in a crook in the

river. Amongst the houses was a small white clapboard building. I

swooped down, circling the white building. As I approached a ground

level, I could see the steeple. It was a church. It resembled the

caricature of the country church. I circled the building and

suddenly I was standing in the grass behind the building. It was a

warm evening. The sky was just darkening. I could smell the newly

mown lawn as I approached the rear of the building. There was a door

standing open. I went into the building. I seemed to have entered

the church from behind the pulpit. Standing at the pulpit was a

rather overweight man that was emphatically trying to make some

point. I couldn't hear what was being said. There was the same

screeching that had been present when I had been in the council

chambers in the other dreams. I looked at the congregation. There

were looks of shock and disbelief on their faces. Sitting among the

congregation, there were several people(?) that had the same helix

in place of their head. When I saw them I suddenly felt enraged.

Each of them rose and quickly left the building. I rushed out after

them. When I got outside, they were gone. The Voice was suddenly in

my ear (off to the left again), "They are everywhere" I was

informed. "They discredit those who suspect the truth" I turned and

went back into the church. The overweight man was still at the

pulpit, the congregation still in shock. It was as if my dash

through the church had not even been noticed. I was confused.

fade to black.....


The remainder of the trip was uneventful. We went to Spokane, picked

up Mike and went to Seattle. My son Danial was staying with my

sister. When we all descended upon my sisters house, it was a little

crowded. I opted to sleep on a rollaway bed in the rec-room

(converted garage). The first night there, I decided to walk down to

the local 7-11 about three blocks away for some milk. You can see

the store from my sisters front door. I had what I felt was an

uneventful walk to the store, I bought the milk and returned home.

When I walked in the door, my sister jumped up off the couch and

demanded to know where I had been. My sons came rushing out of the

bedrooms and before I knew it there was everyone asking me if I was

ok. I continued to tell them that I had just went to the store. I

was then told that I had been gone for several hours and that my

sister had called the police and listed me as missing. The 7-11

clerk had told the police that I had been there and bought the milk

and had left. When I checked the milk that I had purchased, it was

still cold, as if it had just been removed from the cooler. That

night I had another dream.

I was standing on a hill. There were evergreen trees all about me. I

was at the edge of a clearing that went down one side of the hill.

The clearing was green and grassy. Sitting at the foot of the hill

was a building. It was a stone (granite?) building that had columns

in the front not unlike the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. I

have no remembrance of coming down the hill but I am suddenly

standing in front of the building. I go into the building and in the

anteroom there are trappings (tapestries) on the walls. They are

black and there are gold foil ideograms (characters) on them. It is

reminiscent of oriental writing but with a more Aztec look to it. (I

don't know why I thought that it was Aztec, I wouldn't know Aztec if

it bit me) I pass through the anteroom and enter a room that has a

"tank" in it. When I say tank, I mean that it was like there was a

pool with the sides made of glass. You could see into the tank and

the liquid hat was in the tank was a pale blue in color. It was not

unlike blue milk in consistency. As I enter the room I can see a

woman in the liquid at one end of the tank. The tank appears to be

about 6 feet wide, 8-10 feet long and about 2 feet deep. The woman

is middle aged (40's ?), short blonde hair. She has a "sprinkling"

of freckles on her face and chest (she is nude) She gives the

appearance of being very complacent and pleased. Her eyes are

closed. She bears a striking resemblance to Barbara Bel-Gedes (of

Dallas fame) but younger. She is sitting in the blue liquid up to

her chest. I can see her breasts . The Voice is there with me. He

tells me that she is part of the "breeding stock". There is motion

at the other end of the tank. I turn and I can see a "child"

suspended (seemingly) just off the surface of the liquid. The child

is about 8-10 years old. He seems to "float" towards the woman. As

he passes in front of me I can see his penis. It is long and thin

and I am reminded of a knife blade. As he approaches, she raises her

legs and he mounts her and they copulate. The Voice tells me that he

(the child) is one of her offspring and that this breeding is

necessary to "strengthen the strain". The Voice tells me that once

impregnated, she will be kept in the liquid as it is a "stasis"

solution that accelerates fetal growth. In the third month, the

fetus will be removed and she will once again be impregnated. The

fetus is placed in another "growth" tank and the stasis solution

will allow for rapid development. When the fetus(?) has developed to

what can be likened to a 8-10 year physical development, they are

"born" out of the stasis solution. At this point their brain is

empty. there is no personality development no maternal bond. Call it

what you like. They (the fetus) is like a PC sitting there with no

programming other than the DOS. the body functions are there, but

they have no drive, no purpose. The Voice tells me that these

humans(?) are the Drones. They are just slaves to perform tasks at

the discretion of the malevolence.(Note-the Voice never identified

the others as anything more than the Satanas or the malevolence).

When I ask if the woman is there of her own will, The Voice tells me

that she is one that had been "taken" and there are hundreds and

hundreds of others that have been "taken" for breeding stock. The

Voice told me that occasionally the malevolence enhanced the strain

by introducing an "outside fetus". These are usually removed from

the maternal unit (his words not mine) between the third and sixth

month of gestation. They are then placed in the stasis and developed

and introduced as breeders.

Fade to Black....


I can remember awakening and feeling quite confused and disturbed by

what I had seen. The day was totally uneventful, that next night, I

had the same dream. This time when I entered the "temple" I am

slightly off to one side of the tank. There is a different woman in

the tank. This time it is a younger woman very slight of build with

long red hair that hung down and was in the blue liquid. I was

struck by the length of her hair. The scene was the same as the

previous night, except that in this position I now saw something

that I didn't see the previous visit. This time I could see that

standing in the liquid, wearing a "robe" that was the exact same

color as the liquid there were small people(?). There were one on

each side of the woman. They were holding her at her shoulders and

legs. As the "child approached, I could now see that he was being

held by two of the same beings(?). The Voice informed me that the

breeding temples were run by Drones. The malevolence only

occasionally visited or showed up. I felt the rage building inside

of me again similar to that which I had experienced at the small

white church.

Fade to black......


I returned to my home in Morgan Hill. There was no unusual events

for several weeks. Then one night the last dream occurred.

I am in the middle of a pitched battle. I appear to be in a bombed

out building or structure of some kind. I am with a small blonde

man. He has bright blue eyes. He is handing me a silver metallic

cylinder about two feet long and about 5-6 inches in diameter. It is

heavy. At one end there is a red lens like a magnifying glass. The

other end is sealed and is silver and metallic. On the side of it is

a small hole that goes into the cylinder at an angle. He hands the

cylinder to me. He then shows me how to hold it. My thumb goes in

the hole and my fingers wrap around the cylinder.

I hold it under my arm against my side like a football. My left hand

supports the cylinder under the front near the lens. He explains

that it is an ionic projector. It is a weapon that is used in the

war. He tells me that it is used to disrupt the nervous system of

the enemy. All about us there are explosions and flashes of light.

He turns and picks up another cylinder and pokes out through an

opening in the wall there is a hum as the cylinder projects what

looks like red light. It is not like a laser, it is more like a

searchlight. I see the "enemy". It is a lizard like creature. It is

about 8 to 10 feet tall. Very thin and bony. It is moving slowly and

deliberately. I point my "weapon". I don't know how to fire it.

"Push with your thumb" the blonde says. I do so. The red light

flashes on my target. It crumples to the ground. I can now see its

weapon. It looks like a Viking sword about 4 feet long. There

appears to be a handle at right angles to the blade about halfway

down the blade. There is an enormous flash of bright blue light. I

turn to look at the blonde man. There is just a pile of black ash

where he had been. Suddenly The Voice is there. He is telling me to

go.. I don't know where to go. I am confused. I am angry. Where is

the blonde man?

I am suddenly in a pink place not unlike that of DREAM 2. there is a

silver metal table in front of me. Laying on the table is a small


It has a large head and enormous almond shaped eyes. There are no

ears and two holes where a nose should be. The mouth has no lips. it

is slightly open forming a oval in the lower part of the head. The

neck is extremely thin and does not look like it would have the

strength to support the massive head. The Voice is telling me that

this is the enemy that I will have to fight(?). He tells me to turn

it over. I reach out and push the body onto its side. It is cold and

rather damp. It feels like a lizard, leathery and soft. I am looking

at the back of the head. There is a hole (oblong) at the base of the

neck where it meets the head. The Voice tells me that the creatures

have two brains. Anterior and Posterior. (I have since learned that

this means front and rear), The creatures use the brains

simultaneously. Because of this, it is almost impossible to kill the

creatures. If shot, unless shot in both the front and rear of the

head, the creature continues to live. One of the brains is dead, but

the other continues to carry on. If one of the brains dies, the

"power" is now diminished but not terminated. I asked The Voice what

the "power" was. He told me that these creatures (I have since

learned that these are what are called GREYS) have a telepathic

capability. this is limited however. They have to be very close to

you to telepathically link. They have learned to overcome this by

implanting a "crystal" on the optic nerve of humans (its about 2-4

microns in diameter). This crystal is "tuned" to the frequency of

the "intruder". It seems that each of the GREYS has a unique mental

frequency that allows mental privacy. If they want to communicate,

they "switch" to a mental frequency that is for communicating. The

"hosts" (humans) are not on that frequency. The crystal implants

allow the "intruders" to attach to the mental processes of the

"host". For the PC literate in the reading audience, it is like

using a PC Anywhere or Carbon Copy software. The remote suddenly has

full and complete control over the host. The Voice informed me that

there are many "controllers" among the GREYS. Each "controller" has

20 to 30 "hosts" that he maintains. The crystal also enhances the

range of the telepathic "power". While without the crystal, there is

a certain amount of telepathic communicative ability at an extremely

limited distance, the crystal allows for the "control" of the host

from a distance that can be several miles away. Thus a "pod" of

GREYS can summon up an army of 100 to 200 humans and direct them to

do what ever they want. (The Voice told me that the malevolence

(GREYS) operate in groups they call "PODS" of 8 to 10 with one being

the leader). Killing off the human "hosts" does little to diminish

the threat. The "controller" has to be taken out. This is what The

Voice was trying to show me.

The Voice told me that there have been many cases of a malevolence

being shot by a human. But, because of the bony plate that divided

the brain cavities, the posterior brain continued to function. This

bony plate is what we would call bullet-proof. In many cases the

human was given the impression that the shot had no effect. A shot

to the body had little to no effect. The Voice told me that when "in

the field" the malevolence wore a suit that was made up of a

material that had a molecular density 100 times what is common on

our planet. A bullet would not penetrate the material. The Voice

told me that other then shooting them in the head frontal and rear,

The only other approach was a penetration at the rear of the head

where the neck meets the head. A straight penetration for 3 to 5

inches will sever the cerebral cortex. It seems that the two brains

communicate with each other via a "wire" (nerve bundle) that passes

through the bony plate. The Voice stated that a knife blade or a

gunshot (dicey but possible) would immediately "kill" it if it was

hit in this area. I asked how this one had been killed. The Voice

told me that he had been killed "in the war" and was here to show

"protectors" what to do. I told The Voice that I didn't think that I

could kill anything. The Voice said that I would when it was

necessary. For the first time, I asked The Voice who he was. He told

me that he was a "teacher" and could not tell me any more than that.

I felt satisfied with that answer (although I don't know why). I was

warm all over.

Fade to black....


That was the last dream that I have had to date. Several things have

occurred that are almost miraculous in nature from that time.

Without apparent effort, I have lost about 65 lbs. I received a job

offer that relocated me from CA to WA. Much in my life has settled

and I am content.

I have related the events listed above as part of something that I

feel the need to do. I really don't care if you believe me or not. I

am not a prophet of doom or, like some others, trying to line my

pockets by pretending to be some kind of authority. I am just a guy

that seems to have been thrust into an unusual circumstance. Ignore

it? no chance. I am sure that I have had these dreams. Whether they

reflect reality or not remains to be seen. At this point I merely

know what I know. I have come to accept what has occurred and am

continuing my life. I refuse to go to the mat and try to convince

anyone that what has occurred is real. If you chose to not believe

it, so be it. If you choose to believe that what I have related is

true, so be it. I know that it occurred. Since that time I have done

a lot of reading and learning about the UFO community and the

promoters and the nay-sayers. I am certain that I will be de-bunked

and called a phony and all the rest. Confidentially, I don't give a

ragged rats ass. I know what I know.

Hasta La Bye-Bye

Randy Terpstra





The accountability of government has gone to the point where the very

use of the law is the instrument of illegality.

-- Ralph Nader @ Harvard Law School, 1/15/92